Where To Buy and Sell in Greater Toronto This Week

Where to BUY in Toronto This Week: North York’s Clanton Park and Bathurst Manor neighbourhoods have seen a substantial increase in active freehold listings. If you are looking for a Detached home in the area the time to act could be now.  If you are in the market for something a little more luxurious head to Banbury-Don Mills located South of the 401 and West of the DVP where the average list price for a Detached home is about 2.4 M right now and inventory levels appear to be increasing.

Why This Week: Listings in Bathurst Manor and Clanton park are up around 26% from the end of January, and up 22% from February 2014.  The increase in inventory is attributable to the number of detached homes on the market not condos.  It’s rare to see such a large increase in inventory caused by freehold properties and not condo development.  Buyers looking for a detached property in the north end of the city with some wiggle room on price should head to Clanton Park and Bathurst Manor.

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Clarington-Orono LIbraryWhere to BUY in the GTA This Week: The eastern municipality of Clarington in Durham continues to show attractive inventory levels compared to most of the GTA.

Why This Week:  There is a shortage of inventory across the GTA as listings are down 13% from this time last year and demand remains strong.  Clarington is one of two communities to see an increase in listings from last year King  being the other. Listings in Clarington are up 1% from a year ago and have increase 14% from the end of January. Although inventory has increased, don’t expect a lot of negotiation room as sales remain brisk up around 40% from last year.

What you will find:  Check out what homes are available in Clarington

Where to SELL In Toronto This Week: Toronto’s North-Western W9 District is home to Humber Heights, Kingsview Village-The Westway, and Martingrove-Richview and is desperate for some inventory.

Why This Week: Inventory is down 13% from about a month ago while Toronto on a whole saw listings increase by about 10% from last month.  Listings are down a whopping 42% from the same time last year, selling at a time when your competition is cut in half is certain to help you attract top dollar for your home.

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Where to SELL in the GTA This Week: Listings in the GTA as whole are down from this time last year and you may think you are crazy to list in this cold weather.  However, last year’s winter was no cake walk either, and if you are thinking of selling in Milton where inventory tends to blossom with the flowers, I would suggest listing while the competition is limited.

Why This Week: Active listings in Milton are down 18% from the same time last year, and listings in Milton haven’t increased from the end of January while the GTA as a whole saw listings increase by 8%.  Home owners in Milton could benefit by selling now instead of the spring as strong demand paired with limited inventory should equate to higher prices.

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