Priced out of Roncesvalles, The Junction, Wallace Emmerson…… Where to Look Now

Do you really want to own in Toronto, no I mean, really truly?  Many first time home buyers looking to set down some roots in Toronto have the same three things at the top of their check list. All we want is an affordable -walkable-transit friendly neighborhood. Without a big inheritance Buying in one of Toronto’s great neighbourhoods for many want-to-be home owners is no easy process. Those who get stuck on the sidelines too long are likely never to own in their sought after hood and often resort to purchasing in one of the GTAs suburbs.

It’s easy to say you want to live in Toronto, but if your mean you want to buy a detached home in  a sough after west end neighbourhoods like Bloor West Village, Roncesvalles, and High Park for $500,000 you don’t truly mean what you are saying.  You may not realize it, but many of Toronto’s most appealing neighborhoods were not always coveted the way they are today.  Any long time resident of the Junction in the west or Leslieville to the east will certainly describe a much different place than you see today.

If you are  on a budget, you need to consider neighbourhoods with some room to grow, and this week we are recommending you check out Weston Village.

Weston farmers market

Weston village buisness




Weston Village may not roll off the tip of your tongue when discussing west Toronto real estate like Roncy or Bloor West, but it does offer Home Buyers the three things they claim they crave.It’s extremely transit friendly. Weston Go train offers commuters a 20 min lift downtown. You also have incredible highway access and you are a short train ride or drive to Pearson Airport.

It is also very walkable with a 78 walkscore, and while the neighbourhood does not have the same commercial appeal as some more mature areas, it does offer some hope for the future.  With town square like farmers market and a new Artscape project being built a the end of John St. this area has great appreciation potential. Look at the impact Artscape projects have had on communities like Hillcrest and Regent Park.

The area has also remained fairly affordable for Toronto standards, the median price for a detached home is $636,000 year to date, and you can still pick up a good buy for much less.  Check out this Great Listing at 188 John St. for instance.

So for those of you looking for a walkable-transit friendly-affordable home in Toronto contact us to check out what Weston Village has to offer, or ask us for some other neighbourhoods worth considering.